Quality Tea Company is a family business that originated in the almost a century ago out of a desire to bring the warmth and comforts of high-caliber tea products to people around the founders’ hometown of Shiraz, Persia. The business started in 1920 when the tea would be imported from India to the Persian Gulf by boat, before arriving in Shiraz by caravan. A new blend of tea, called Broken Orange Peco (BOP) became widely renowned in for its distinct aroma, color, and taste. The citizens of Shiraz referred to BOP as “Range Sorkhe Khoshmaze” , which literally means a tea of delicious red color.
Tea distribution runs in the family and has been passed down generations, while it now operates out of the six-acre serene hillside “Tea Ranch” in the Bay Area. Still, the defining trait of Quality Tea is continually finding new ways of blending tea with the highest standards.
With both loose tea and tea pouches, the design is to unveil the essence of Quality Tea. The current special blend of tea is imported from Ceylon, India, and China and mixed with an original Oil of Bergamot. At the “Tea Ranch” everyday the tea is prepared, packaged, and shipped with the assurance of the highest quality and best customer service to the tea-lovers around the world.